Why I still stick with iOS development and not moving to other platforms.

I’m free at the moment because of all my projects are done, so today I want to share with you guys my story about why I still a iOS developer up until now.

When I was in the second year of my iOS development career, I was about to move to other platforms like android and backend. At that time, I felt really bored, like there was nothing new in iOS to explore. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say that I know everything or I’m the best or something like that but because I felt like every apps I’ve developed were similar which have some list screens, some detail screens. Yes, yes of course each application has their own business and that’s only part make me interested, if skip that part, everything are similar. Another important point is, I notice that all the problems during development like how to do this, how to make that,… can find easily on Stackoverflow or some open sources, their solutions even (most of the time) better than mine. So If you ask me a question about iOS, I might don’t know but I’m sure that I can find it on Stackoverflow for you. I can find them, of course others also can find them, so what make me different ? what make me stand out ? I didn’t know the answer at that time. Last but not least, I always want to make my code better but I don’t know how to do it. I also didn’t have answer at that time.

It was really hard time for me, I feel stuck, I feel undirected. If you’re an iOS developer for sometimes and you care about your code, you might share the same feeling with me.

But then, realize one thing that changed my mind forever. That is:

Build an application is easy but build a great application is really hard.

I was “Wow” because finally I know what I need to do. I understand how important of a good architecture to the app and how to do it, the journey of finding solution for the app is really interesting, importantly you can never find it anywhere online. I was “Wow” because I know that there’s a lot of knowledge I need to achieve like: writing test for my code, TDD, BDD, Business model, scrum, extreme development,… Now I know what should I do to make my code better. I was “Wow” because I know it will take long time, really hard for me to get all of them but because of that it make me interest.

That is it ! It’s my story. Now I just need to keep working hard and believe in what I’m doing. Thanks for reading. Please, tell me you opinion as well as your story.

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