About me

Hi I’m Tùng, welcome to my personal blog. This is a place you can find posts about programming, not just iOS knowledge but software programming in general. I also want to write about my lifestyle, my experiences I’ve been harvested, what I thought, what I see that can help you during your journey.

About me, I was born and raised in Vietnam. I’ve been working as a full iOS developer not a long time before I graduated which is (for the time being) 3+ years. I started learning iOS when I was in university and I was falling into it from that moment. But after sometime writing apps, I realized that I wasn’t satisfy what I wrote because it was a mess, a real mess. So that I started learning more about application designs, design patterns, principles,… these area got me along time to study and really understand but I REALLY love it. I was finally feel better with my code. After sometime since then, I started learning TDD and Unit test, again it’s extremely hard for me, it took me a long time to fill the gaps. Up until now, i’m still learning and trying to apply to into my project everyday, I also about to learn a little bit about system designs and management.

Here’s a brief personal information of me:

Full name: Vũ Đức Tùng.

Gender: Male

DOB: 28/05/1996

Hobbies beside programming : Football, street photography, listen to music, reading,…

Contact me

Email: [email protected]
Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tung-vu-585422182/



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